Use of hyphen when writing age

Note the letter D in both hundredth and thousandth. If spelling creates something awkward, rewrite.

Use of hyphen when writing age

At other times, however, it is more appropriate to write out the number as a word, such as at the beginnings of sentences.

use of hyphen when writing age

If your teacher wants you to use a specific style guide such as the MLA or the APA style guide, then consult those style guides for specific instances of how to write numbers in words, as they may differ.

Rules for Writing Out Numbers The general rule of thumb is that if the number is one or two words, you should write it out as words, rather than using the numerals.

This means that you should write out numbers zero through one hundred. Remember to use a hyphen for numbers twenty-one through ninety-nine. You would also write out numbers such as one thousand, three million and numbers such as two billion, but these numbers don't need a hyphen.

You can show numbers that require three or more words to write out as numerals, because it would be cumbersome to write and read these numbers. Therefore, you would write 1, and 5, as numerals, not as words.

Hyphens | Punctuation Rules

Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article.Hyphenation is like kitchen spice: use them correctly, and they can sharpen writing and give it a better texture.

When used incorrectly or overused, they can garble the piece and make it difficult to read. Hyphen errors in a written piece are usually only distracting, but they can detract from.

That is, the CMOS favors hyphens in instances where some other guides suggest en dashes, the 16th edition explaining that "Chicago's sense of the en dash does not extend to between", to rule out its use in "US–Canadian relations". And together, they make an adjective, and the two parts of the adjective need a hyphen when we write them before a noun.

Neil So it's a well-respected politician, with a hyphen: well hyphen. It certainly does, if the adjective precedes the noun.

use of hyphen when writing age

Otherwise, there could be ambiguity. For example, if three men are standing in a row, "the middle aged man" might be misunderstood to refer to the second (middle) one and to imply that they're all old (aged).

Book Design Basics - Dashes, Hyphens and Dots

In Gore Vidal’s Burr, the title character complains—in a charming internal monologue—“Why am I using so many dashes? Like a schoolgirl. Like a schoolgirl. The dash is the sign of a poor style.

Learning how to properly use the crescents atop your 9 and 0 keys can add a whole new dimension to your writing. The following is as comprehensive a list as of parenthetical uses as I could come up with.

Hyphens | Punctuation Rules