Thesis video streaming

History[ edit ] The term "lifestream" was coined by Eric Freeman and David Gelernter at Yale University in the mids to describe " The tail of your stream contains documents from the past starting with your electronic birth certificate.

Thesis video streaming

AIM My goal is to minimise the risk of injury and fatality to passengers riding outside the train Thesis video streaming.

Railway Travel- India Project Issues: Project Issues People are forced to ride on the roof due to over crowded carriages. During peak hour in Mumbai, roughly people travel in a carriage built for Yearly more than 3, people die on the Mumbai suburban railway track due to unsafe riding on trains or trespassing on railway tracks.

Project Issues Reduce the risk of falling. Injuries also occur from people falling off the side of the carriage. People hang from the window bars out side the carriage.

Doors are wedged open as there is overcrowding near the doorways and aisles. Boarding and disembarking Luggage and equipment storage Passenger comfort during travel I will be researching several design topics that have relevance to this particular area of study.

Design for the unintended. Design modifications and retro-fitting. Areas for development Areas of Research Slide 6: The route I will focus on will be the Wester Railway route- Dotted orange line on map Western Railway electric powered train.

There is also a diesel powered train to outer Mumbai. Factors include height and width regulations. Passenger behaviour- Sitting, standing, walking, climbing, talking etc.

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Power source volts or diesel powered Boarding and Disembarking platform specifications Redesign exterior Slide 8: There will be little emphasis placed on the aerodynamic performance of the train. Safety harnesses Latches and clips Designing new features that can be added to existing trains.

Harness points Additional areas that provide secure hand grip and foot placement.


Safety equipment Retro fit railway car. INTERIOR There will be little emphasis placed on the interior of the car; only door-ways aisles and windows will be considered in relation to the exterior.

The average journey is 7. Riding on the roof is seen as common-place behaviour and due to the population it has almost become a necessity. The lack of enforcement by railway authorities has opened a window of opportunity that I would like to exploit.

This project will allow me to develop a vehicle that pushes the limits of railway regulations.Insex was one of the biggest BDSM pornographic websites on the Internet and arguably the most extreme American pornographic production featuring female was also a leading innovator in both live video streaming, pioneering the concept before broadband Internet access existed, and in the depiction of BDSM practices on the Internet.

It existed from to and was run by. Lots of Formats Transcripts are delivered in plain text, HTML, and MS Word formats. Captions in SRT, VTT and DFXP. Other output formats are available.

Thesis video streaming

We transcribe from nearly any DRM-free audio or video file, and URL sources from most popular streaming sites. University of South Florida Scholar Commons Graduate Theses and Dissertations Graduate School Live Video Streaming from .

Print. Coding for a DVD. 12 March (See also Video Recordings, Streaming videos, Blu-ray disc) A DVD would be considered a form of videorecording. MODELING AND ANALYSIS OF PEER-TO-PEER (P2P) LIVE VIDEO STREAMING BY KUANG XU THESIS Submitted in partial ful llment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

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