Recess time in my school

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Recess time in my school

Teachers and parents love how fast the dismissal line goes now. I asked for feedback from our teachers towards the end of the year, and it was all very positive! Both homeroom teachers and the Special Areas who assist with carpool were very positive about the system as a whole.

Parents, teachers and administrators are loving the new system.

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Implementation was smooth, quick and easy. We have experienced less daily phone calls, missed notes and general confusion. The entire staff at School Dismissal Manager have been very supportive; walking us through every step and always quick to respond should a question arise.

I highly recommend switching from the old manual system to this user friendly modern technology! Seriously, this has changed the scope of my job.

It is surprising to me how much time in my day was spent on phone calls and writing info down and then re-writing it at the end of the day. Our parents are already using the system and we are getting positive feedback.

For those who do not have email or just refuse to use the system, entering it for them is so fast and easy. Our bus drivers also prefer the full report over shuffling through multiple bus passes. Thank you for making our days run smoothly and efficiently. My office staff then listens to the radio of other schools trying to locate children and then casually pack up and depart stress free.

Dismissal Manager has truly helped us evolve into a 21st Century model operation. Dana Kaminski Brooks School Elementary, Fishers, IN I spent my the better part of my day creating a bus list in Excel taking calls, checking emails and reading notes some illegible from parents.

I simply print my list and hand it off to the bus monitors. I would never want to go back to the way it was before School Dismissal Manager! Carole Rende Glenville Elementary, Greenwich, CT School Dismissal Manager has eliminated the abundance of parent notes and phone calls that would come in on a daily basis, allowing more time for me to get many other tasks accomplished.

Recess time in my school

It is definitely a great program and one that all schools may want to look into in the future. It has been so easy working with these guys and now that we have the new upgrades in place, dismissal is going to be even smoother!

Dismissal chaos can be overwhelming. With School Dismissal Manager, reduce the front office chaos and end of day frustration for you, your teachers, and your parents. If you have a roster file of students and parents, you can be up and running in as little as 30 min.

View Online Demo School Dismissal Manager has been helping schools dismiss children for over ten years. Our team of internet professionals are parents too.Recess: School's Out is a animated film based on the Disney television series Recess.

This film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and was released theatrically nationwide on February 16, It was released on video and DVD on August 7, When the diabolical Dr. Phillium Benedict. Jan 15,  · The NBC TODAY show recently reported on 23 elementary schools in Orange County, Florida, that have been reducing recess to minutes per day or canceling it all together, so that more time can be.

After a winter like we have had in Ohio indoor recess was an everyday occurrence-almost! Using YouTube I have showed Disney movies (I.e. Toy Story) The short segments make it almost perfect for recess time. Recess is a animated comedy created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.

It aired on ABC's One Saturday Morning block from to The series focuses on six elementary school students and their interactions with other students and.

While there are increased safety rules in schools and for other youth activities, our culture is lax about a number of boundaries that make healthy relationships with young people more complex to achieve. A Texas school started giving children four recess breaks a day, and teachers and parents say the results have been wonderful.

Recess is a lot more than just a free break for kids to play after lunch period.

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