Point counterpoint

Instead of a single central plot, there are a number of interlinked storylines and recurring themes as in musical " counterpoint ". Many of the characters are based on real people, most of whom Huxley knew personally. Main characters and storylines[ edit ] Some of the main characters include:

Point counterpoint

He feels tied to her by a moral obligation but oppressed by her attempts to possess him; she has rejected his proposal that they live together as close friends but leading independent lives.

In any case, it is too late for that now, because Marjorie is pregnant. Elinor and Philip Quarles travel abroad, leaving little Philip behind under the care of a governess and his grandmother, Mrs.

Philip is a novelist, and his life consists of jotting down in his notebook incidents and Point counterpoint that might make material for his next novel.

His mind is turned inward, introspective, and his self-centered interests give him little time for emotional experience.

Point CounterPoint

Elinor wishes that he would love her as much as she loves him, but she resigns herself to the unhappy dilemma of being loved as much as Philip could possibly love any woman. Denis Burlap, editor of The Literary World, flatters himself with the just conceit that although his magazine is not a financial success, it at least contributes to the intellectual life of his time.

Walter, one of his chief contributors, asks for more pay; Burlap hedges until Walter feels ashamed of his demands. Burlap is attracted to Beatrice Gilray, a pathetic figure who has feared the very touch of a man ever since she had been attacked by her uncle while riding in a taxicab.

Burlap hopes eventually to seduce Beatrice.

Point counterpoint

Meanwhile, they are living together. Also part of this social set is Spandrell, an indolent son of a doting mother who supports him, and Everard Webley, a friend of Elinor and the leader of a conservative militaristic group called the British Freemen.

Now it is apparently someone in London, for Sidney makes frequent trips to the British Museum to gather material for his The entire section is words.Point/Counterpoint - Handicapping the Next Angels’ Manager By Nate Trop and Glen McKee, Unprofessional Gamblers For the first time since before I (Glen) started shaving my head, the Angels are.

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a. Melodic material that is added above or below an existing melody. b. The technique of combining two or more melodic lines in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship while retaining their linear individuality.

Point/Counterpoint: Twitter Is An Echo Chamber That Causes People To Create A Community Of Like-Minded Users Repeating Their Own Viewpoint Back To Them vs.

Point counterpoint

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