My passion for soccer essay

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My passion for soccer essay

Ever since I could talk, all I wanted to be was someone great. I would run around pretending to be a superhero, or a famous actress; but little did I know, in a few years, I would end up becoming something just as superior.

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I became myself- a soccer player, no not a professional, at least not yet. I realized that, honestly, I do not have to be eminent or have a lot of money to impact lives. Just me doing what I love which My passion for soccer essay playing the beautiful sport and being myself has already helped so many people and made lives greater, including mine.

To me, soccer is more than just a hobby, it is a lifestyle that affects every part of my life. It dates back to 3, years ago and is played all around the world. For people who think that soccer is silly because all you do is kick and chase a ball around Soccer brings the whole world together and brings out the compassion within the soul.

Everyone, from all around the globe, gets to come together and cheer and support their team as one. Not only that, but they get to share in the love with the prodigious sport.

Now personally, I felt like my passion sprouted from when I first laid my foot on a soccer ball. Everyone thought that too, well at least until my mom spent 20 minutes trying to drag me off the field with me screaming and crying after the first session. My mom mentioned to me it was so bad, that people actually thought I was being kidnapped.

But from there, my soccer career started and my life path sprouted. However, my soccer life has never been a stroll through the park. But I come to realize that in life there are people that are going to hold you by the strings and tell you what you can or cannot do, but you have to break away from it.

They are the people I can go to with any problem or issue and they always have my back. Take my best friend, Grace, for example: I remember when we were on rival teams, but when we played middle school soccer together and got to know each other more and realized we had so much in common.

Soccer has given me so many opportunities to work with and experience different types of people. It also gave me my best friends.

Soccer is no doubt is apart of my future plans. My first goal is to make high school varsity, my first year. One day I even may coach my children on their soccer teams.My passion lies in the sport of soccer. According to, soccer is defined as a ‘form of football played between two teams of 11 players, in which the ball may be advanced by kicking or by bouncing it off any part of the body, but the arms and hands, except in the case of the goalkeepers, who may use their hands to catch, carry.

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My passion for soccer essay

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