Misinterpretations and false information concerning nuclear energy made by media and public opinion

The Real Damage The Cox Charge A principal--certainly the most heralded--charge in the Cox Committee Report is that "The People's Republic of China's penetration of our national weapon laboratories spans at least the past several decades, and almost certainly continues today. The Clinton Administration and most of the technically ill-equipped media have repeated it over and over so many times that it is conceivable that they now believe it themselves. And yet, it is almost certainly not true. Certainly the evidence cited in the Redacted Report does not support such a serious and sweeping charge.

Misinterpretations and false information concerning nuclear energy made by media and public opinion

Recent Soviet Military Activities in Cuba 1. U-2 photography of 2? August ccmfiras extensive Soviet nllitary deliveries to Cuba in recent weekcs. Surface-to-air missile SAM sites, guided missile boats, and additional land armaments were observed.

Bae photography shows eight SAM sites being set up. One probable assembly area has been identified and SAM equipment has been located at one additional site. The smaII amount of permanent construction at these sites and the speed of the work indicate the program is proceeding on a crash basis.

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Some of these sites could be operational within a veek or two. A minimum of technically trained personnel, will be required to operate each site.

Soviet personnel doubtless will man the sites for at least the 9 to 13 months while Cubans are being trained. Additional SAM sites probably wlll be set up in the near future.

Public Opinion on Nuclear Energy: Where is it Headed?

All sites now canfirmed are in the Western one-third of the island. The pattern now emerging suggests as many as 24 sites may eventually "be aet up — enough to "blanket the entire island.

At least 8 Komar-class missile boats have been delivered to Cuba in recent weeks. These PT-like boats carry two missile launchers each, with the radar guided missile effective against surface targets to ranges of between 15 and 17 miles. The missile carries a 2, lb- HE warhead. These boats are in addition to 13 or more torpedo boats and 6 submarine chasers delivered by the USSR earlier this year.

The photography shows that current deliveries to Cuba also contain land armaments, including tanks and possibly self-propelled guns. Reports indicate other shipments have contained artillery, tanks, and possibly combat aircraft, but these are not confirmed.

Misinterpretations and false information concerning nuclear energy made by media and public opinion

The photography cf 29 August turned up the highest number of MIG aircraft yet noted, some Soviet shipments of military equipment and personnel to Cuba show no sign of letting up. A, About 16 Soviet dry-cargo ships are now en route to Cuba, of which at least 10 probably are carrying military equipment.

At least 1, Soviet military technicians arrived in Cuba in late July acd early August in coonection wlth these military activities. At least 1, more Soviets are arriving unannounced this veek; no reports an their activities so far. Still additional bloc personnel probably have arrived on some of the cargo ships.

At that time General Lemnitzer indicated that something probably could be dug up. On 31 August, after General Carter informed Mr. McGeorge Bundy and General Lemnitzer of the readout of XS-Z flights showing SA-2 sites, the President called General Carter atasked how many people had this information, and told General Carter that he wished it put back in the box and nailed tight.

This freeze continued until Saturday, 1 September, when the information was extended slightly further to the working analysts. General Carter informed Secretary Gilpatric on 1 September that the General and Karl Kaysen agreed a full readout was necessary and that some low-altitude flights were needed to pinpoint the sites.

Not until Tuesday, 4 September, did the President announce the presence of a missile defense system in Cuba. The President and Secretaries of State and Defense were briefed by General Carter late 6 September of a more detailed readout of the 29 August mission which led our analysts to suspect the presence of another kind of missile site—possibly surface-to-surface--at Banes.

The White House put a complete freeze on this information; however, Bundy gave an OK to put the analysts to work on providing information to the policymakers on a need-to-know basis but without normal distribution.

USIB was brought up to date in executive session at its 7 September meeting on information concerning the SA-2 sites, the new unknown site at Banes, and also the freezing atmosphere of the White House.

General Carter requested all members to advise their principals and asked also to be alerted immediately if NSA came up with further information. This was the climate in the Community in early September when a U-2 had just violated the Soviet Far East; when another U-2 was lost on 8 September over the Chinese mainland; and when your first cable of 7 September arrived: Also I support use of RF's if necessary.

My hunch is we might face prospect of Soviet short-range surface-to-surface missiles of portable types in Cuba which could command important targets in Southeast U. General Carter, as related above and follows, had-already urged use of RF's relative to your "hunch" about missiles.

Misinterpretations and false information concerning nuclear energy made by media and public opinion

General Carter recollects showing your cable to Mr.This is a copy of the original Basic Text manuscript. NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS. Modern drug technology and media attention have made a social anti-hero of the addict. Since many of us were street addicts, is not funded by any public or private sources or .

The Chernobyl disaster, This underlines the importance of public debate, the role of the mass media and of the way in which National Health authorities participate in this debate.

US public opinion on nuclear energy policy after Chernobyl Notes. References. The Climatic Research Unit email controversy (also known as "Climategate") began in November with the hacking of a server at the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA) by an external attacker, copying thousands of emails and computer files, the Climatic Research Unit documents, to various internet locations several weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on climate.

The Noah movie does not tell the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark. Abstract The United States and Japan are currently two of the world's top three nuclear energy producers, with both countries initiating strong commercial nuclear industries in the s.

Despite resistance fed predominantly by ignorant scare tactics, nuclear power is a necessary step toward the ultimate goals of energy dependence in this nation, providing a solution to the energy.