Intermezzo andy gilmore wallpaper

It was when the club opened its doors for the first time. Since then, many jazz and blues giants have made their appearance on the stage, with Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Dexter Gordon and Kenny Clarke among them. Donaldson is best known for his soulful, bluesy and especially personal approach to playing the alto saxophone.

Intermezzo andy gilmore wallpaper

The show went through many changes on the journey from CT, to Broadway, to Tony winner, and back again, but in all incarnations the heart and appeal lies in the classic music of George and Ira Gershwin.

In the madcap world of Prohibition, bootleggers, high society types, and a bevy of chorus girls collide in a mix of romance, mistaken identities, and slapstick high-jinx. This is the type of light and frothy story Intermezzo andy gilmore wallpaper finds gangsters posing as butlers and the vice squad partakes in more vices then it foils.

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Mariah MacFarlane as rum-runner Billie Bendix is a splendid talent, with a strong voice and crack timing. A supporting cast of star-crossed lovers is top notch.

Its themes of logic and reason, right and wrong, and trust and love are universal, but bring these deeply human emotions into the ultra-logical world of math, ambition, academia and insanity and the result is extraordinarily profound.

The play is a story told through the eyes of Catherine, the daughter of Robert Damian Buzzerioa genius mathematician. Recently deceased after struggling with mental illness for several years, Robert was cared for by Catherine alone.

The role of Catherine is inherently difficult, but in the hands of actress Dana Brooke it looks as easy as adding one and one.

Brooke brings Catherine so fully to life, so perfectly balanced between likable and stridently imperfect that the audience is on her side within minutes. At times heart-breaking and others hilarious, this is a performance worth seeing again and again.

Her scenes with Hal, played with everyman charm by Marty Scanlon, are endearing and enriched with a sweetness. Credit must be given to Melissa Macleod Herion for her ability to find the gentleness and love in Claire, also a role that is a tightrope act.

It would be, and tragically often is, easy to play Claire deeply unlikeable, but here Claire is rooted in love and good intentions.

She is the Big Sister and to that end, we love her for her imperfections, for her true desire to be a source of comfort.

The two women lead this production with great care about this family and who they were and who they will become. With a stripped down stage, the acting is what matters here. Director Dawn Loveland nail the casting and tells one great story.

This is a truly terrific production of the modern classic. The era is the present and future. The characters are every-day folk, primarily representing a family; one member, ever-present center-stage, lays in a coma. Her daughter Iris is the primary narrator as well as the lead character.

As the story progresses, what seems to be normal under the circumstances and in the setting of a long-term health care facility, takes a twist. Myka Plunkett plays Iris as intelligent, spright, and charming.

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She portrays the daughter who every mother would want. It is through her eyes that the audience sees and understands the others on stage.

She watches every minute movement and listens to every syllable, reacting with her eyes and demeanor. To say more is to give away the mysterious of the plot. Issues include religion, war and veterans, and euthanasia, among others -- with a different character leading the charge and rhetoric on each.

Tom Dahl portrays the best of these outspoken characters as maintenance man Leonard. Steve Henderson, whose volume on stage is often loud or he is directed to be loudis spot-on as a caring father. An important factor in all Majestic plays is the mix of Equity and community actors.

Yet, the difference between the two genres of actors is undetectable by the human eyes.

Intermezzo andy gilmore wallpaper

Once again, The Majestic has mounted a play whose actors have been well-cast and, for the most part, exemplary. Pippin by Michael J.

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In the Actors Equity tour of the Tony-Award winning revival at the Bushnell, director Diane Paulus adds a circus setting which heightens the drama of the plot and delights an enthusiastic full house.

With catchy music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and book by Roger O. Hirson, the original production was directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, whose jazzy dance style is evoked in much of the new choreography by Chet Walker. Colorful costume design by Dominique Lemieux and often daring circus acts by Gypsy Snider further enhance the razzle-dazzle quotient in this fast-paced presentation.

All these elements are brought to pulsing life by a well-matched cast, featuring the original Pippin, John Rubinstein, as his father, Charles, whom he portrays with zany exuberance.

Kyle Dean Massey is a convincingly endearing and bewildered Pippin, a role he also played in the Broadway production.

Mozart and Dvorak by Michael J. Moran Hartford Symphony Orchestra - www. He also did something Kuan does regularly and well: The dark color of the opening cello chords made clear that this would be a powerfully dramatic interpretation.Beautiful, free wallpaper images and photos that you can download and use for any project Better than any royalty free or stock photos New York based Andy Gilmore describes himself as a draftsman, designer and musician.

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The Penny Bank Book, Andy Moore, Susan Moore Hello Laziness! - Why Hard Work Doesn't Pay, Corinne Maier Road Maps to the Future - A Report to the Club of Rome, B.

Intermezzo andy gilmore wallpaper

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