How to write a gcse design specification sheet

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How to write a gcse design specification sheet

I have understood and analysed Specification What do you intend your product to look like? What colours, styling, patterns do you intend to use? Why and how have made these decisions? What did you research findings tell you? What materials and finish will you use in the design and manufacture of your product?

How will you find out potential consumers opinions? Who do you intend your consumer to be? What age are they? What do they do for a living? What are their likes and dislikes? What are their needs for the potential product?

Is their any safety considerations you need to take into account? Does your product need to take into account anthropometric data or ergonomic considerations? What price range will your product fall into?

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Will it be expensive, cheap, mid range, if so why? What materials, processes and finishes will you use, does this reflect the cost?

Does the cost reflect the quality of the product? Is the cost of your product a result of what manufacturing processes mass produced, batched produced, one off you will use to commercially produce it?

What will your potential consumer expect to get for their money? How does the product effect the environment: When it will be made manufacturing process: When its being used, will it give off any emissions or pollution?

When it is disposed of, will it be recyclable, will it be able to be reused? How will you reduce the products carbon footprint?

How safe will the product be to use? What are the dangers of using your product sharp edges, toxic paints, electric components, weight etc. How will you make it safe for the intended user example. How will you reduce the risk of injury? How big is the product generally going to be?

How big will certain parts of your product be? Can you make it adjustable? How big do you potential consumers expect the product to be? Are there any critical sizes you must take into consideration?

If space is limited how will you maximise this? What will be the main functions of the product, what does it do?

how to write a gcse design specification sheet

What features will you design on your product to make it more environmentally friendly and what do they do? What features will you place on your product top meet your potential consumers needs and wants?

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This resource contains ideas for relevant and engaging practical activities which can be either incorporated into your teaching of the research methods section of the psychology specification, or your students can follow independently.

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