Honors thesis high school

By Stuart Nachbar During our visits, we have learned about honors colleges and honors programs at publicly-supported schools. In one example, St. At other schools, such as the University of Maryland-College Park and Penn State-University Park, the honors college is a learning community as well as an academic program within a large university.

Honors thesis high school

You can find our updated application over there, to the left. We also encourage you to take a look at our website, SBCC Honors Program, which is the second link from the top in the second set of links. Our tag line for Honors is Expect More. And we try to live up to that: Students completing PODS for a semester are eligible for book grants.

Our goal is inclusion, and the more students from the more places with the more varied backgrounds, the better. We reject any premise that Honors students are "born. Honors classes are exciting: To be accepted into Honors we require a 3.

Finally, we require a writing sample, which should be any paper you have written over the year that you think reflects you as a thinker. We want to see you arguing a thesis, so please no personal narratives or application essays.

Honors offers students a chance to pursue a certain theme throughout the year. The theme is chosen by students in English H each spring, and the topic is Seeking Alternatives. This topic weaves connection through the Honors classes students will take across the year.

In this way, Honors courses contribute breadth to students' majors in both humanities and sciences; they show connections and interrelationships between disciplines, and they satisfy all SBCC General Education, Mathematics and American Institutions Requirements for the Associate in Arts or Science Degree.

Additionally, the Guild provides students a chance to make their concerns widely known: Eligibility for Honors Program Students may apply for entrance to the Honors Program based on high school transcripts.

For consideration, a student's high school grade point average must be at least 3. Continuing, returning and transfer students who have completed 12 units of academic course work may apply for entrance into the Honors Program based on college units completed.

A minimum overall college grade point average of 3. Mathematics eligibility is met with three years of high school math, including two years of algebra, with grades of "C" or better.

All new and returning students requesting entrance into the Honors Program are required to file two applications: Official high school transcripts must be submitted with the applications of students using high school records to qualify.

Continuing students are required to file only the application for admission to the Honors Program. There is no application deadline for Honors, but if students want to be Honors students for fall, we ask that you apply a week before school begins.

Placement examination dates and locations may be obtained from the Assessment Office. Please note that Honors asks for transcripts from all but continuing students because we do not have access to transcripts sent to admissions.

Honors Scholarships The Foundation for Santa Barbara City College provides a generous array of scholarships donated by individuals and businesses. These scholarships are broadly available to qualified incoming freshmen applying to the Honors Program and to all continuing students participating in the Honors Program.

Recipients of Honors scholarships are required to remain in the Honors Program, in good standing, for the duration of their course of study at SBCC.

Selection is based primarily on the student's academic excellence and may also consider service to the Honors Guild, to the college, or to the larger community. No application is required. The recipient will be honored at the Awards Banquet held by the college in the spring of each year.

For details, transfer information contact the Honors Program Counselor,ext. For scholarship information contact the Honors Program Director. The benefits of membership include nationwide recognition of scholarly excellence, scholarships, access to prestigious universities, special graduation certificates and transcript notations, leadership opportunities as chapter officers, and fellowship and service opportunities at SBCC and in the community.Aug 03,  · Named in recognition of the newspaper editor who established The University of Toledo, the Jesup Scott Honors College was founded in , making it one of the oldest honors programs at a state university.

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or an A.S. degree, or 60 applicable college-level credits. During our visits, we have learned about honors colleges and honors programs at publicly-supported schools. In one example, St.

Mary’s College of Maryland, the entire college is, by act of a state legislature, a public honors college. At other schools, such as the University of Maryland-College. The Buchanan Fellowship Deadline December 1, p.m. Central Standard Time.

Honors thesis high school

The Honors College is also home to the Buchanan Fellowship program, named in honor of MTSU's Nobel Prize winning alumnus, Dr. James M. Buchanan.

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