Eu law essay answers

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Eu law essay answers

The UK Parliament has a system of scrutiny committees that are responsible to review the proposal established by the EU Commission. Therefore, the scrutiny committees may issue a reasoned opinion on the basis that the draft Directive has infringed the principle of subsidiarity set out in Article 5 3 of the Lisbon Treaty of European Union.

According to Article 6 of Protocol 2, the UK committees must issue the reasoned opinion that oppose the draft Directive within eight weeks from the date of transmission. However, in case of more than a simple majority, this is an orange card and this allows the European Parliament and the Council to reject the draft Directive before the first reading.

There are two ways available: Direct Action under Article In order to strike down the directive successfully under Article[3] there are three procedural requirements: We are told that the directive was adopted on 1 July and thus the latest date for the association to bring the action is 1 September Further, the association is a non-privileged applicant who has no automatic standing and thus it is necessary for the association to satisfy that the adopted Directive is of both the direct and individual concern to them.

Indirect Action under Article Alternatively, under Articlethe association may have to be a party to an action in a national court and the court would have discretion as to whether or not to make a reference on this issue to the CJEU. According to Rau v BALM, the facts that the association has no standing under Article would not affect their ability in bring an Article action.

There are two actions available to him: The Doctrine of Direct Effect According to the leading case of Van Gen den Loos, in order for directive to give rise to direct effects, certain criteria has to be satisfied. Therefore, it is likely that he may seek redress under the Francovich principle.

Introduction The statement suggests that the principle of supremacy of EU law is merely a myth originated from the Court of Justice case law, where in fact the national courts have constantly challenged on this concept. Nevertheless, the community treaty does not contain specific reference in the relationship between the EU law and national law and this leads to a situation where both law are in conflict.

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The court took its first step in preserving the uniformity of application of EU law among the Member States in the landmark case of Van Gend en Loos. In Factortame, the ECJ made clear that if there is a dispute between the national law and the community law, the national courts must set aside its national law, instead on striking down the provision as ultra vires.

Monistic Theory In monist States, such as Belgium and France, all law is treated equally, it is not necessary for an international law to be implemented into national law and the national courts can apply the law Dualistic Theory For states with a dualist system, such as Germany and United Kingdom, international law and national law are considered to be fundamentally distinct.

This means that international law cannot be directly applied by the national courts but requires the translation into the national law.

As to give a clearer analysis, we will deal with the legal system of the member states separately: Belgium Belgium provides a good example of acceptance of the supremacy of EU law based upon reasoning which is closest to that employed by the ECJ itself.

In this case, it was held that if there is a conflict between the Belgian Constitution and a provision under EU treaty that imposes direct effect in the national legal system, the EU law prevails.UNLOCKING EU LAW Essay Questions & Answers Free Movement of Goods The Fazzizi car company, in Italy, produces powerful sports cars, 1 and it is one of the most popular brands in several Member States.

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Eu law essay answers

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