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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. It is the seat of the gmina administrative district called Gmina Cisek.

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Krojanty the end of the myth. Fall Weiss - From the border to the Brahe River. At midnight the last report arrived up to the Division informing that the troops had occupied its positions. Mosnitz the first town was taken and shortly after in Mosnitzwald at The first shock was against the Platoon of ppor Jan Sasa which after interchanging shots withdrew fulfilling orders of the Rtm Jan Lados.

There the Detachment verified that the position in the chained lagoons Seenengen was strongly defended. Here it fought against the antitank Platoon of por. Roman Ciesielski, who was killed during the action.

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Holwegel attacked due south of Konitz turning later to the north. Squadron organized itself on the line Nowa Cerkiew-Sternowo; in Sternowo was the 2. In the south, in Zamarte, Kpt Krafft withdrew towards Tuchola, pushed back by the increasing enemy pressure, uncovering the South flank of the 18 Pul.

Towards noon the infantry assaulted Gross-Plagnau, that locality was conquered at Meanwhile IR 76 had received a new objective: The assault squadrons marched about 10 km with a Platoon in the lead ppor Uranowicz and reached Pawlowo as planned The forest in front of Krojanty had been reported free of enemy and the companies were not get across the route Konitz - Rytel yet when the advanced parts received intense hostile fire and at least two Polish cavalry squadrons taking advantage of an interval between the II.

All the arms were pointed towards the attackers and under a rain of fire the attack was broken and the Poles fled. Shortly afterwards the objective of the day: Out of the Uhlans who took part in the charge, 25 perished among them Plk Mastalerz, ppor.

According to some authors, Plk Mastalerz did not fall in the charge but when he went ahead to hurry the supporting fire of his own machine guns and died in the subsequent exchange of fire. The battalions advanced by Pawlowo towards Neukirch and continued astride the highway Konitz - Dirschau.

The IR 76 was assigned as reserve of the Division. The IR 69 fought then against the support echelon of the 18 Pul 3 and 4 Squadrons, the light armored company of reconnaissance TK and the cyclist squadron kolarzy.

Here a fire which started in Sternowo caused serious damage in the horses of the 3.

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Squadron and its holders. Squadron moved on the highway Chojnice - Rytel and behind it withdrew the cyclist squadron with the wounded. Covered by the 4. Finally with the cover of the 3. Squadron the 4 fell back to Rytel. So I conclude that: The Germans casualties were minimum.

On the contrary, they were the Poles who had light tanks. Apparently the charge was repelled with the concentrate fire of all the arms of the German battalion; considering the relatively few losses suffered by the`k nMbr dw sMkyq krdy AMk qoN ipCoN sRI gurU gRMQ swihb dy aus pMny dw sMkyq hY ijs aupr aus qu`k ivSyS AweI hY[ ieh pMny sRI gurU gRMQ swihb dI pMinAW vwlI bIV dy hn[ ikauNik v`K v`K CwpW ivc bhuq vwrI pMny dI A^IrlIAW AQvw mu`FlIAW sqrW jW Sbd Agly AQvw ipCly pMny aupr cly jWdy hn, ies leI ienHW sqrW/SbdW dy sMdrB ivc ieh pMny Agy ipCy ho skdy hn[. Steel lnstitute vol nr 1 s.. 7 W, Do b I U c k i: Inv stjgation of the process of hot tube pushing thr ough roller dies using models r Iron Steel Institute vol. ru: 9 s.. 8 W Do b I' U c_ k i: The flow of metal in the process of hot hube pu-shing thIOUgh roller dies,7.

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