At the funeral mark twain essay

Make no remarks about his equipment. If the handles are plated, it is best to seem to not observe it. If the odor of the flowers is too oppressive for your comfort, remember that they were not brought there for you, and that the person for whom they were brought suffers no inconvenience from their presence.

At the funeral mark twain essay

It was a superstition. What is a home without a child? Some of the girls were those he met aboard ships that carried him back and forth to England or on his travels to the island of Bermuda.

Clemens maintained correspondences with the girls -- most were from prominent and wealthy families who traveled in the same social circles with Clemens. They and their parents often visited him in his homes in New York.

In Clemens had purchased acres in Redding, Connecticut and with proceeds obtained from publishing portions of his autobiography in the North American Review between September through Decemberhe began construction of a large two-story country home.

At the funeral mark twain essay

He originally intended to call the home "Autobiography House. In Clemens had begun calling his surrogate granddaughters "angel-fish" after the brilliant species of fish he saw on a visit to Bermuda.

He nicknamed his group of girls the "Aquarium Club" and presented members with angel-fish pins. At least one such pin survives and is currently owned by the Mark Twain Library in Redding, Connecticut. In autobiographical dictation of 12 February Clemens explained his attachment to his collection of girls: I suppose we are all collectors As for me, I collect pets: On 17 April he elaborated: After my wife's death, June 5,I experienced a long period of unrest and loneliness.

Clara and Jean were busy with their studies and their labors and I was washing about on a forlorn sea of banquets and speechmaking in high and holy causes I had reached the grandpapa stage of life; and what I lacked and what I needed was grandchildren.

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Isabel Lyon, Clemens's secretary, often helped chaperone the young women and facilitated their visits. After accompanying Clemens to Bermuda in April she recorded in her journal: He has his aquarium of little girls and they are all angelfish, while he wears a flying fish scarf pin, though he says he is a shad.

Off he goes with a flash when he sees a new pair of slim little legs appear and if the little girl wears butterfly bows of ribbon on the back of her head then his delirium is complete. All the ten school-girls in the above list are my angel-fishes, and constitute my Club, whose name is "The Aquarium" The Bermudian angel-fish, with its splendid blue decorations, is easily the most beautiful fish that swims The club's badge is the angel-fish's splendors reproduced in enamels and mounted for service as a lapel pin -- at least that is where the girls wear it.

I get these little pins in Bermuda; they are made in Norway Cooley, p.

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Regarding his plans for the new home he was building in Redding, Connecticut, Clemens dictated: The billiard-room will have the legend "The Aquarium" over its door I have good photographs of all my fishes, and these will be framed and hung around the walls.

There is an angel-fish bedroom -- double-bedded -- and I will expect to have a fish and her mother in it as often as Providence will permit Cooley, p. By the time Clemens moved into the Redding, Connecticut home on June 18,he had decided to call the house "Innocence at Home" in honor of his young female acquaintances who he wished to host in an unending series of visits.Reports of His Death.

By the time he died in , Mark Twain was perhaps the best-known national celebrity. His final illness, death and funeral were treated as front page news across the country.

Most papers relied on the Associated Press reports of these final events; by clicking on the paper at left, you can see how the AP covered the.

In , at the age of seventy-two, lonely and widowed, Samuel Clemens began "collecting" surrogate granddaughters -- young girls between the ages of ten and sixteen. The Sacramento Bee offers advertising and marketing solutions to reach the people of Sacramento and Northern California.

Whether you are promoting your business or want to get the word out on a. Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Essay examples Before any external forces unleash their influence, a person is born into this world with a clean slate untouched by the prevailing attitudes that shape modern society.

The Unadulterated Importance of Proper Funeral Etiquette Mark Twain offers us some lighthearted guidance on how to act at a funeral in his essay “At The Funeral” Posted on June 2, by Kimberly Lane (Blog Writer, SevenPonds). Mark Twain's Rules for Funeral Etiquette Do not criticize the person in whose honor the entertainment is given.

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At the funeral mark twain essay

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