An interpretation of martin luther kings speech i have a dream

January 05, We enter a new year I will complete my 59th cycle on the planet in a couple of months. I know that there is a lot of pessimism and fear going into the new year.

An interpretation of martin luther kings speech i have a dream

Leader of the great religious revolt of the sixteenth century in Germany ; born at Eisleben, 10 November, ; died at Eisleben, 18 February, His father, Hans, was a miner, a rugged, stern, irascible character.

In the opinion of many of his biographers, it was an expression of uncontrolled rage, an evident congenital inheritance transmitted to his oldest son, that compelled him to flee from Mohra, the family seat, to escape the penalty or odium of homicide.

This, though first charged by Wiceliusa convert from Lutheranism, has found admission into Protestant history and tradition. His mother, Margaret Ziegler, is spoken of by Melancthon as conspicuous for "modesty, the fear of Godand prayerfulness" "Corpus Reformatorum", Halle, Extreme simplicity and inflexible severity characterized their home lifeso that the joys of childhood were virtully unknown to him.

His father once beat him so mercilessly that he ran away from home and was so "embittered against him that he had to win me to himself again.

The meager data of his life at this period make it a work of difficulty to reconstruct his childhood. His schooling at Mansfeld, whither his parents had returned, was uneventful. In his fifteenth year we find him at Eisenach. At eighteen he entered the University of Erfurt, with a view to studying jurisprudence at the request of his father.

In he received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophybeing the thirteenth among fifty-seven candidates. His philosophical studies were no doubt made under Jodocus Trutvetter von Eisenach, then rector of the university, and Bartholomaus Arnoldi von Usingen.

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The former was pre-eminently the Doctor Erfordiensis, and stood without an admitted rival in Germany. Luther addresses him in a letter as not only "the first theologian and philosopher ", but also the first of contemporary dialecticians. Usingen was an Augustinian friarand second only to Trutvetter in learning, but surpassing him in literary productivity.

Although the tone of the university, especially that of the students, was pronouncedly, even enthusiastically, humanisticand although Erfurt led the movement in Germanyand in its theological tendencies was supposedly "modern", nevertheless "it nowise showed a depreciation of the currently prevailing [ Scholastic ] system" ibid.

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Luther himself, in spite of an acquaintaince with some of the moving spirits of humanismseems not to have been appreciably affected by it, lived on its outer fringe, and never qualified to enter its "poetic" circle. The motives that prompted the step are various, conflicting, and the subject of considerable debate.

He himself alleges, as above stated, that the brutality of his home and school life drove him into the monastery. Hausrath, his latest biographer and one of the most scholarly Luther specialists, unreservedly inclines to this belief.

He himself again, in a letter to his fatherin explanation of his defection from the Old Churchwrites, "When I was terror-stricken and overwhelmed by the fear of impending death, I made an involuntary and forced vow ". Various explanations are given of this episode. Melancthon ascribes his step to a deep melancholy, which attained a critical point "when at one time he lost one of his comrades by an accidental death" Corp.

Mathesius, his first biographer, attributes it to the fatal "stabbing of a friend and a terrible storm with a thunderclap" op.+ free ebooks online. Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. and religious leaders, including one of the most famous speeches ever made, the " I have a Dream" speech, made by Dr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Afterwards, the day ended with a meeting between March leaders and President John F. Kennedy at the White House. The speech "I Have a Dream" delivered by Martin Luther King on 28th August in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., can be divided into six paragraphs.

The first and shortest paragraph is the introduction in which he makes clear that he demonstrates for freedom (ll.

An interpretation of martin luther kings speech i have a dream

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Dream, Dream, Dream out Loud More than 40 years ago, in August , Martin Luther King electrified America with his momentous ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, dramatically delivered from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He argued passionately and powerfully with the help of language strategies.

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